About us

Avitronic Ltd was founded in March 2000. The company actively develops, broadens spheres of its activity and the list of goods and services provided for customers. The ideology of the company based on mutually beneficial environment of cooperation with our clients, unconditional execution of the contractual obligations, and representation of the wide product range at optimal prices, use of special offers for regular and wholesale customers.

All products offered by us passes strict quality control, is certified, corresponds to GOST, OST and TU, has guaranteed high quality and competitive prices.

Primary activities

Delivery, including to export, following products:

  • The general industrial bearings used for work in all types of land vehicles (river vessels, agricultural machinery, auto moto equipment and etc) and civil aircrafts. 
  • Steel products including various products: fasteners, building fittings,  constructional and sheet steel, profile.
  • Organic glass products.
  • Polyurethane products (tubes, plates).
  • Combustive and lubricating materials of general industrial use for land, marine and aviation equipment.